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History of LODIMEX

LODIMEX was established in 1992. In it's first phase of activity company was strongly related with ice producer - Schöller (today's Nestle), which LODIMEX has introduced to polish market in early 90's.

With the rapid development of company new sections was fromed. In addition to selling goods on the traditional market, activity was extended to the catering market, modern retail chains, logistics services and transport.

W miarę rozwoju polskiego rynku żywności mrożonej wraz z dynamicznym rozwojem firmy, siedziba spółki została przeniosiona na nowy adres do ultranowoczesnego obiektu o najwyższych standaradach przy ulicu Pomorskiej 112a, gdzie firma mieści się obecnie.

Lodimex currently ranks among the top of ice cream and frozen food distributors on Polish territory. Our greatest asset is the flexible adaptation to individual customer needs, which enables the implementation of the custom orders for packaging products and completion of deliveries.

Why frozen food?

The founders of LODIMEX chose frozen food industry because of their willingness to supply healthy and easy to prepare products to Polish customers, believing that this branch of the grocery market has a big potenntail.

The company today

With 80 000 m3 total capacity of refrigerated warehouses Lodimex, we are one of the largest and most modern logistics platforms in Poland. This gives us a huge potential component - more than 20 000 tons and more than ten thousand pallet jacks.

Firma - galeria

Manoeuvring park of LODIMEX.

A place where every day hundreds of trucks in and pick up the merchandise.

Docking slots.

Professional docking slot for a cold tranport vechicles with special thermal protections.

Goods packing procedure.

Our forklift trucks each day carrying one thousand pallets of frozen food.